Some ladies say it takes a real man to understand women, well I’ll hand in my membership card to “the real men” club and skulk off to the “aba made men” club, coz I really don’t get em…

First off, I haven’t dated a chick past d 8month marker coz of all intricate nuances of the female mind… And off course my own quirky nature

I didn’t kw blackberry pm’s and dp’s played a serious role in modern relationship, until I put up pixs of different girls wv d heart smiley and/or d hug and kisses smiley and my girlfriend at the time blew up on me, I guess I was cheating on her via bbm, like seriously wtf???? Anyway C’est la vie ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯

And then d next one thought I wasn’t jealous enough, like she would be literally twirling around and laffn whyl she talked to a guy just to make me frown and I would be smoking metaphorical cohibas and sippn tequilas wv not a care… Well she canned my ass ASAP

Then I had a chick dat I rily liked and she told me that one of d guys at a party we were at tried to rape her before, I got rily mad and left the room to make evil plans I came bk and saw the two talkn and laughing so I kicked his ass and left, she called to tell I was too jealous and I canned HER ass… Kmt

That’s the thing bout chicks u can’t really get a handle on em, a second she z miss independent, the next she wants a man to take care of her, one second she wants a nice guy dat compliments her and the next she z fucking d bad boy dat calls her a slut.
These ladies can make a dude schizophrenic yo!!! Coz u need all the split personalities u can get ur hands on to keep up wv em, that’s if u plan on keeping em around, and if u don’t … Then wtf am I talking to u for? Play on player !!! U’ll never rily run out of femmes 😀