I want kids as soon as possible, but am skeptical if I want to have female children, I’ll be driven crazy with worry like everyday, cause of the dumb decisions they make 


   So am going to give examples of real people but with fictional names, ladies that made dumb emotional decisions that continue to baffle me 


   We will call the first one LISA, now lisa was a focused student, she was book smart but aside from the chump she dated secondary school she hadn’t been in a real relationship, so she meets a guy and dates him for three years and he cheats and is nonchalant bout her but she stays cause she doesn’t want to have wasted 3years…. 


  Am I the only one that sounds wacky too? So u stay 3 more years, what are u expecting to happen? Him to change? Dream on!!! You know how tigers love spots and leopards their stripes… Or is it the other way around? :s 


  Anyway let’s talk about JANE, when she was 17 she started dating an older guy for 2years, then she found out he was cheating so she broke up with him, he begged her to come see him and she did, and he raped her… And this happened on 2 other different occasions 😐


   First off its almost hard to believe it was really rape but innocent until proven guilty right? Well if she was really raped 3times then am really worried bout the female brain… Is it really functional? How its decision making works is a BIG mystery.


  Now I have to think its something handed down genetically to their species, some kind of defective X chromosome or brain cells, and I fear if I have a daughter she just might inherit it and break my heart with her bad decisions 


  For the sake of argument, I’ll admit that I know a few outstanding females, some I even regard higher than a lot of dudes, but that’s like 20percent, and this is not an insult to ladies its just a dare to prove me wrong and be better than my misconception 🙂  

                 Dueces La Chicas :*