I hate em!!! Like I am literally sick of em, I am considering a life of celibacy right now, that’s how much I don’t like it!!! 


   Now the act of going in without a condom is called “skin diving” and just like “skinny dipping” your naked, its wet and its UBER awesome as opposed to wearing em :p 


   Am gonna give u a few reasons condoms suck ass 


   (1) A lot of girls react badly to condoms, either they get rashes or it makes them dry very fast, which like I said sucks ass 


   (2) It cuts down on d sensitivity of the dick, makes you feel like your banging wet cardboard paper, that’s why if the condom breaks your filled with joy for a brief moment and then you remember diseases and pull out *party pooper* 


   (3) Due to the decreased sensitivity, it takes you much longer to “cum” , now for someone with premature ejaculation this sounds like good news but us normal folks sex becomes hardwork like farming or solving mathematics … and I hate both of those things  


  Am thinking these scientists should have come up with an alternative to this problem, you know? Maybe stuff like liquid condoms or pills you take before sex to prevent the whole slew of STD’s 


   Am telling you, if they did any of these, the spread of STD’s would drop dramatically, cause people can’t resist the temptation of skin diving… 


   I know you agree with me, and I mean the ladies too, don’t you like your banana peeled? 😉